is allowing yourself
to make mistakes.
Art is knowing
which ones
to keep.

- Scott Adams

We couldn’t agree more.

Except that we’re really all about
the mistakes part.

You know… those happy accidents that come about when you run out of fabric, misread a pattern
or buy the “wrong” tool.

In our experience, it’s that place - where lofty vision meets temporarily sobering reality and a new solution must be found - that’s where the art (and the fun)
is most often uncovered.

To help you along your creative way,
we have combed the globe to bring you the highest quality, yummiest and most unique materials for your work.
The latest books, the quirkiest fabric, the unexpected do-dads that you never knew you had to have.

Come visit us at Once Around
and see for yourself.

Have an espresso (or a cup of tea),
daydream and
find inspiration
for your next

Once Around opened in 2010
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after a lengthy renovation
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filled with many happy mistakes
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all of which led us
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to where we are today.