After completing a project as all-consuming as the yarn reorganization, I am invariably way behind on my duties when it’s finally finished.

Today, I attended to some of those as I restocked some arts supplies, stamps and scrapbook paper.

It felt good!

Tomorrow I start my “fine tooth comb” ritual. Stay tuned….



A very large yarn reorganization project is underway at Once Around.

To get ready for it, I had to track down baskets of the appropriate size (harder than I thought) and order 200 of them.

I also had to set up my laminator.

If you have been to the store, then you know that we have a wall of yarn at the back of the Knitting section that is organized NOT by company and NOT by fiber but by weight. And while I maintain that this is a very logical way to pick out yarn (isn’t gauge one of the first considerations when deciding on a yarn and a pattern?), it is just NOT WORKING.

It’s a hot mess back there and I can’t handle how crummy it looks.

So, from now on, all yarn will be displayed alphabetically - each yarn in its own basket, each basket with its own (laminated) label.


I like the new system because it is:

- Easy to find the yarn you’re looking for.

- Easy to move the yarn around.

But mostly because:

- It looks darn cute!

See for yourself.


I’ll be working a swatch into each basket’s display as well, but am still pondering the best option…



How’s this for the most delicious marketing technique ever?

This afternoon, one of my employees came back to my office and said, “Um, Julie…there’s a guy out front looking for you and he has like a box of something…I think it’s food maybe?”

“Really?!” I said. “Ugh!” And then I sighed very loudly and headed out to face what was obviously not going to be a guy with a box of food but some annoying and sleazy salesperson trying to sell us a box of something for which we have no use.


It was actually a guy looking for me with a box of food.

It was Nick Puliz, in fact, the owner of Corte Madera’s branch of NOTHING BUNDT CAKES. And he held in his hands a beautifully-wrapped box filled with the most appetizing and scrumptious-looking mini bunt cakes (think: slightly oversized cupcakes) topped with the creamiest cream cheese frosting I’ve ever sampled. And they were for us. For free.

He just thought he’d bring some by to introduce us to his bakery in Corte Madera. No big deal.

Actually, VERY big deal.

In case you don’t know, HIGH SCHOOLERS work for me and it is a proven scientific fact that their level of productivity is directly related to the quantity/quality of snacks we have on the premises. Homemade baked goods means all kind of good things for our little craft store.

Fortunately for us, there weren’t that many people working this afternoon because I felt compelled to try TWO bundtinis: the Pineapple Upside Down Cake and the Carrot Cake. He also brought us Chocolate Chip and Marble - both of which I generously left for other people to try. When you have your first bundtini, if for some crazy reason those flavors don’t appeal to you, go ahead and choose from one of the other many types such as: Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon, Pecan Praline, White White Chocolate or Cinnamon Swirl. As the brochure says: “40 designs. 10 flavors. 1 sweet gift.”

The packaging, as I mentioned, is adorable and fresh and coordinates beautifully with their lovely promotional materials.

AND, they are located right next to the DMV in Corte Madera which makes a bundtlet the perfect antidote to any demoralizing trip license renewal errand.

They also deliver.

I am a HUGE fan.

Thank you, Nick!!



I’m re-organizing the button section.

Re-organizing stuff is what I do at the store. It’s one of the things that I have a hard time delegating as it involves lots of staring, pondering and false starts. Sometimes, on a Sunday, I will lie down on the carpet and meditate on the area that I need to re-do. It helps me think.


Previously, we had buttons in these jars that were all priced individually. It looked messy. I hate to see all of those white price tags.

My new plan is to organize the loose buttons by size: mini, small, medium, large, jumbo and have just one price for each size.

I like to make things clean and simple for us and for our customers.

I hope you agree.


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