As much as we try, either we can keep up with this blog or we can make the store look nice. Not both apparently. Sad

This week, the store won. The looming holidays may have something to do with it.

Take down and put away Halloween. Put out Thanksgiving briefly. And now, get ready for you-know-what.

To add to the workload, we decided to beef up our knitting section by about 100%, add a shelving unit to the fine arts section to store art pads of various types and sizes (for watercolor, acrylic, drawing, etc.) and design 2 new ads! All good things, but time-consuming.

Since we obviously haven’t had time to take any new photos lately either, we’ll leave you with a shot from the “Goodbye Party” we held this summer for two beloved employees who left for college this fall. It’s been a lifetime since this summer...

With Thanksgiving (and the possibility of seeing these fantastic girls again!) on the horizon, we can’t help but reminisce.

We love you and miss you, Sammy & Isabelle!