We’ve stumbled upon what we are predicting will be this year’s quick, cheap and easy holiday gift.

It’s the Wyvern Lace Kerchief. Pattern by Gabi Bolland.

Depending on your knitting experience, this project may look difficult but it’s really, really not.

Knit stitches, purl stitches, some increases and decreases and that’s it.

Get over your lace phobia. Seriously. Don’t even call it “lace” if it makes you nervous. It’s just some knitting with holes in it.

It gets better. The yarn used in the pattern is Frog Tree’s Alpaca Sport Melange.

We just happen to have every color of this yarn and we sell it for $7.50/skein. And less than one skein is needed.

The pattern costs $5.

For the math-challenged, that means you can complete this beautiful and expensive-looking project for around $13 ($12.50 plus California state tax).

But wait! There’s more!

The entire pattern is 56 rows.

Perfectly do-able over a couple of say, a weekend.

So, how many do you think you can make before Christmas?

p.s. The pattern calls for adding beads to the “tips” of the kerchief. We didn’t have the right kind on hand, so we skipped that part. Looks pretty great both ways, we think.