One of our employees has a bedroom that she painted and decorated herself in shades of blue and and beige.

This morning, before heading out to the beach for a little surfing, she whipped up these lovely pieces of monogram wall art to complement her style.


• Wooden letters (ours sell for .50¢ each)

• Mod Podge (this is a photo of the sparkly kind, but she just used the regular matte variety)


• Some pretty découpage paper (so many choices...)


• And a cheap paintbrush.

How To...
Tear the paper into pieces - whatever size you like (and as many different designs as you like). Then use the paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on a section of the wooden letter. Place the paper where you want it to go on that section and brush some more Mod Podge on top. Repeat until the letters are completely covered. The Mod Podge will dry clear and will function as both glue and sealer for the paper. Done.


The creativity of the crafty blogger community never ceases to amaze.


Here is a really simple and fun tutorial to make your own mini notebook.

Give it a try. You probably already have all of these materials anyway...




These are pretty nifty.

Although I’m a sucker for most things laminated. And compact. And informative.





At $4.95 each, they pack in a lot of information and will fit easily into a sewing/knitting/needlework bag.


I think we’ve decided it’s pronounced “koh-pik.” With the emphasis on the “koh.” Rather than “kaw-pik”

Can anyone confirm?

In any case, it’s here. The biggest tower of markers you’ve likely ever seen.

I spied it at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show a few months ago and said:

“I want....THAT.”


If you’re not familiar with the brand, or even if you are, there’s plenty to know about these art supplies.

The products page on the COPIC WEBSITE is very informative and there’s so much more to be found online about these markers and their extremely loyal fans...


No time for excuses, but there was some traveling. And a teenager who returned home from college. And a teenager who turned 16 and desperately “needed” her license. There was also a new camera that was a little tricky to get used to.

But I’m back!

And Malabrigo is in the house.


So far, we have

Silky Merino ($9)

Worsted ($11)


Rasta ($22).

A few shots...





Silky Merino is my favorite right now and may actually need to be knit up into one of those shawls people are always talking about.

Check out their nice selection of online FREE PATTERNS.