The cheery simplicity of a bright orange pumpkin is all too appealing these days.

After our craving for knitted pumpkins was sated (as IF!), we moved on to those made of another favorite medium: paper.

Fortunately, there is a wide enough range of techniques and looks in the paper pumpkin crafting world to keep everyone happy.

Here are a few examples.

The Curled Paper Pumpkin from Kaboose,

The Paper Strip Pumpkin from Craft Ideas Info...

...which is almost identical to (although we love the addition of a stamped motif) the Easy Paper Pumpkin from

Similiar, but a little more complex is the 3-D Paper Pumpkin from Make Mine Lime.

Then there are the Paper Pumpkin Ornaments from Hostess (with the Mostess)...

...and finally, the Fall Garland from A Glimpse Inside. (Although instead of cutting and painting paper towel tubes, couldn’t you just use colored cardstock? Let us know if you try it.)