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with TISHA

Wednesdays, 12-1:30 pm

Crochet Class starts 11/20/19

Knitting Class starts 10/23/19

Drop-ins also welcome

This 4-week recurring class works for complete novices as well as those looking for support from an experienced teacher as they move into more challenging projects. Start with a simple, guided project in and move into fingerless gloves, hats, cowls, shawls and more. 4 weeks of crochet alternates with 4 weeks of knitting.

Class Fee: $50 for 4-weeks

($15 drop-in)

Plus materials at 10% discount

Sign up in-store, call 415.326.5217 or email



Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm

with Tisha Thompson


includes our Knitting4Peace Peace Pod!


Everyone welcome from beginners to experts,  including children 8 years+ with an adult

(This free class gets very full sometimes so come early to grab your preferred spot!)

No sign-up required

Adult art and craft nights

Friday evenings

Come and make, create and hang out with adults who want to explore or re-instate their creative side. These art and craft nights offer the chance to explore different materials and artists' works together over a glass of wine and nibbles. 


Check our schedule for dates and monthly activities guide. Advance booking required.

Sign up online here.


A Little Culture is the brain-child of Lucie Charkin. We love Lucie’s classes because they are all about unleashing your creativity by exploring a wide range of materials as well as learning about how and why other artists use them in their work. As an art historian, VTS professional (Visual Thinking Strategies) and local maker, Lucie brings a uniquely artful approach to learning through creative play. We are excited to be collaborating with Lucie to offer a range of kids' and adult classes, birthday parties and take home experiences.


COST:  All ALC classes are DROP-IN and are $16 per class (or per hour for longer classes); buy 10 classes/hours for $125 or just $12.50 per class/hour.




New Weekend Workshop!

This is a 3-day workshop /

Saturdays  10.30am-1pm

September 14, October 12, November 23

Cost: $365.00

Register or questions:


In the first session of this workshop I will share insights and techniques with you about the skill most fundamental to mastering watercolor painting. You’ll learn all of the basic wash techniques by making a small painting of each, and we will explore mixing colors both on the palette and on the page. You will create a landscape painting. In the second session I’ll lead you through a few basic principles of composition and the important role planning plays when painting with watercolors. We’ll create small paintings, practicing the various techniques we’ve learned. In the third session we will focus on our color palettes. We’ll create two paintings of simple subjects which each of you have selected. We’ll begin by planning and drawing our compositions. You’ll then decide upon and mix a palette of colors that you feel will create the mood you’d like your paintings to have.


This workshop is comprised of three sessions taking place one Saturday morning per month. This workshop is for beginners and non-beginners. Small group size allows for ample one on one instruction, and the cultivation of your personal style and creative fun!


New Weekend Workshop!

Sunday Afternoon Drawing

This is 3-day workshop

Sundays 1-4pm

September 15, October 13, November 24

Cost: $400.00

Register or questions:

Drawing is the art of noticing. When you do that it puts you in the present, it’s the essence of engagement. Experience a relaxed, alert, awareness and a pleasurable activation of the mind. 

Drawing is a discipline by which you constantly rediscover the world around you. Discover the extraordinary language of form as we engage in the fundamentals of drawing. 

Drawing is intertwined with perception. Learn a method of drawing which enables you, by conscious volition to make a shift in perception which allows you to see the way an artist sees. 

Drawing is a physical, tactile process. Explore the sensual aspect of your mark making as we utilize materials in every way imagined.

Connect and explore with your sensory experience of the world thru the art of drawing!


For the Love of Drawing process is being offered in this new, weekend workshop. This workshop is comprised of three sessions taking place one Sunday afternoon per month.This workshop is for beginners and non-beginners. Small group size allows for ample one on one instruction and the cultivation of your personal style.


New Tuesday morning weekly group starting September 10

This is an ongoing weekly class,

each session comprised of 4 classes

Tuesdays, 10:30am-1pm


NEXT SESSION: 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3 

Cost: $400.00

Register or questions:


When you draw, you are touching the world in an original way. Drawing is the art of noticing. When you do that it puts you in the present, it’s the essence of connection. Enjoy relaxed, alert awareness and a pleasurable activation of the mind. 


Drawing is a discipline by which you constantly rediscover the world around you. Awaken to the extraordinary and transient nature of form as we engage in the fundamentals of drawing.


Drawing is a curious process, so intertwined with seeing that the two can hardly be separated. It is a mode of perception, and a shift in perception enables anyone who can write his or her name to draw. We will be working with a method of drawing that enables you, by conscious volition, to make that shift. The visual, spatial, and relational will come forth and you will engage in seeing more deeply.


Drawing is a physical, tactile process. We will explore the sensual aspect of mark making and its impact upon the intimate act of drawing, as various modes of drawing and materials are introduced. We will study the formal aspects of creating two-dimensional art as we study still life, the figure, and the landscape. 


This is an ongoing weekly class which is comprised of monthly sessions. You are welcome to participate for one month or for years, developing your proficiency and increasing your awareness, and mastery, of the process of creative expression. This class is for beginners and non-beginners. Small group size allows for ample one on one instruction  and the cultivation of your personal style.


Questions? Sign up! Please email Carolyn at




Carolyn is an award winning artist, designer, and educator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is founder and teacher of For the Love of Drawing, a series of classes and workshops dedicated to deepening the drawing experience. She has created of a series of subsequent drawing courses which continue the development of proficiency and which increase personal awareness, and mastery , of the process of creative expression. She continues to develop new workshops. Her drawings and paintings are in private collections.


“Carolyn Fee’s Art as Meditation class has been an exquisite journey in learning how to truly look, see, feel and fall in love with the subject of a drawing - be it figs, pears, Brussel sprouts or a prickly blossom.

I am a beginner, one who several months ago had no confidence in my ability to draw anything that would be worth looking at... Not only has Carolyn taught me the basic techniques in how to draw, and in doing so, brought me to the threshold of a brand new, unchartered creative self, she has opened the door to new way of seeing and appreciating everything.

Carolyn is a committed and talented teacher. Her instruction style is clear, patient, warm, encouraging, and gently hands-on and many times she has skillfully navigated blocking points to help me when I’ve become discouraged or disconnected from what I’m drawing. What I take away, every single time, is delight in my new creation, a bit more confidence and trust in the creative process, inspiration to continue and fresh eyeswith which to see and love the world.”

Victoria Nagel Hauzy

“Carolyn’s drawing instruction has opened me to the subtleties of perception and a deeper sensitivity to theworld around me. There is a zone, this right brained awareness, that harbors such depth and beauty. Carolyn understands how to help you access this part of yourself as a person and an artist. Learning to drawand to see with sensitivity has enhanced my work in other mediums as well.”

Joyce Feeney

“I have had the good fortune of taking a drawing class taught by Carolyn Fee. She brings an amazingsensitivity and empathy to her teaching which allows her to bring out the best in each of her students despite the fact that they vary in their technical abilities. What I have found most remarkable is her ability to hone inon the uniqueness of each student’s style without dismissing their work even if it may fail to meet the exerciseat hand. I think it is because she has this uncanny ability of seeing what you can do even when you can’t see it for yourself. Best of all, she doesn’t give up until you finally begin to believe in yourself. She is a rare talent.

Neysa Furey

“I really feel your insights and process of putting pencil to paper is improving my perspective of the art andartists I have always loved.”
Tracy Barsotti

“She is sensational. From the very beginning, she has been patient, supportive, and encouraging. With enthusiasm and without hesitation, I recommend her for an art teacher.”
Alan Weber

“Carolyn curates a collection of short lessons and teaches you to slow down, study, and appreciate the beauty in the everyday while you bring those objects to life on paper. You will gain confidence not only in your artistic ability, but more importantly, in your ability to be totally present in an active meditation. Carolyn is a phenomenal teacher, and you will be delighted to see that you will translateyour learning from the course into your daily life.”
Lindsay Noran

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